Over 35's Como Crocs

Over 35s League Tag

The Laws of the International Game of Rugby League shall apply in League Tag subject to modifications, where applicable

Played on Saturday afternoons within the Sutherland Shire, League Tag is a great way to play with mates, new and old, and get involved in the game of Rugby League.

Snapshot of the League Tag rules that have been developed:

  • The game is played on a full sized field, over two 25 minute periods with a 5 minute interval between halves.
  • Conversions after a try
  • Kickoffs and Dropouts
  • Knock backs (dropped ball) play on
  • 11 players on field with unlimited interchange.
  • Compulsory fullback in defence.
  • Kicking (chips, grubbers, cross field kicks) allowed on any tag
  • Dummy half can be touched
  • Play the ball must be with foot. No markers.


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