Round 11 – Over 35s v Engadine – lost 22 – 16

Round 11 – Over 35s v Engadine – lost 22 – 16

A very competitive effort from the boys this week up against the team running 2nd . 16 all well into the second half only to fall short with less than 2 minutes to go.

After going behind in the first few minutes 4-0 we kept at our game plan of keeping it simple and were rewarded with a try down the left hand side to Brendan (3 tries in 3 games ) Dowling after some good quick hands and a short ball from Lowey giving him a straight run at the line.

Engadine got a couple of tries again out wide with a little more pace but were unable to convert. 12:6. Big effort by Thommo on the +50m chase ensuring even with their speed they could only put the ball down out wide again.

Ben Beckett making his first appearance of the season added some spark in the middle and we knew early on that there was not going to be much in this one and he managed his return by crossing for a try after a nice dummy and step at the line. Lowey had his kicking boots on and sent it over from out wide. 12:12

Just before half time another sharp move down the left hand side saw Chris Lowe put through a great little grubber for Thommo to pounce on for a well deserved try. 16:16 at half time!

End to end for most of the second half and with less than 5 minutes to go it was still 16:16, when Gareth Hughes went within millimetres of scoring our third try, only to told he had been tagged over the line before getting the ball down. 13 blokes from Como didn’t quite see it that way, but we were still well in the game with a few to go.

With only a minute to go Engadine had a couple of back to back sets on our goal line and unfortunately managed to cross for a try to win the game at the death.

In the last few minutes with the game on the line we also suffered a couple of unlucky season ending injuries. Chris Blakely breaking a finger trying to save the final Engadine try and Gareth Hughes appearing to be shot by a sniper as he injured his achillies (and seriously thought his own team mate kicked him??) Desperately bad luck fellas and all the best for swift and inexpensive recoveries!

The improvement over the last few rounds of the whole team has been great to see and I’m sure for all of us has made the Sunday morning soreness easier to bear. Back to basics footy, leading to fewer mistakes and better communication. If only we could get this going from round 1, what could have been…….

Tries – Brendan Dowling 1, Ben Beckett 1, Josh Thompson 1

Goals – Chris Lowe (2/3)

Man of the Match Points – (3) : Chris Lowe (2 try assist and 2 conversions from out wide) , (2) Josh Thomson (a try and some great efforts chasing in defence) & (1) Ben Beckett (immediate impact in his first game back)