Round 11 – Girls Tag U13B’s v Aquinas – Lost 20-8

Round 11 – Girls Tag U13B’s v Aquinas – Lost 20-8

The girls went close again this week to their first win and with a bit of luck they showed its not far away.

With a few players out due to holidays and illness they took the field with only 1 ready reserve and a few players starting well under 100%.  Big thanks to Charly x for stepping up to help us before her own game straight after.

The first half was very close with both teams making breaks  nd defences holding strong until Aquinas managed to cross a couple of times from simple one on one missed tags. The girls went into the break only down 8:0.

Early in the second half after some sustained pressure came our play of the year so far. Coach trent mad the call for “mousetrap” from the sidelines and on the very next play Lexi and Gemma played their roles perfectly. Lexi went scurrying left from dummy half taking the whole defence with her, whereby Gemma grabbed the ball off the ground running right and straight through the gap left in the middle of the Aquinas defence to score our first try! It couldn’t have been executed more perfectly and coach Trent could still be seen smiling about it on Monday morning 😊

Aquinas crossed for another try and the score was 12:4. Some strong running from Sophie and Zoe placed pressure on the opposition defences and our kicking from Hally and team chasing was as good as it had been all year before sustained pressure saw Gemma once again made a great break down the right hand side to score out wide. 12:8

It must be said that the opposition defended brilliantly and hardly missed a tag all day, blunting our ability to make breaks either out wide or up the middle, but our girls were still executing the plan and moving up in defence all the way to the final whistle this week. A couple of late try’s after repeat sets took the final score to 20:8 not truly reflecting the closeness and spirit in which the game was played on a beautiful Sunday down at Como.

Tries – Gemma x 2

Player of the Match Points : Gemma

Prepared by Tim Gilberd.