Round 1 – U7 Red v Kurnell Stingrays – Won 44-28

Round 1 – U7 Red v Kurnell Stingrays – Won 44-28

Wow… what an exciting 1st game we had. The boys played great together, and all put in 100% effort.

Ben Rebeiro was shining during the game with his quick legs and awesome tackling technique which saved so many tries and just baffled the Kurnell Stingrays not knowing what had hit them as he came in hard from side and tackled them straight over the side line, as well as scoring 2 tries. Huge pat on the back for Ben this week as he very well earned his Game Ball and Man of Match Certificate for his massive effort.

Jye Lennon put in a massive effort this weekend and it paid off with 3 tries up his sleeve and as usual from Jye, those quick feet of his did lots of side-stepping and got that ball over the line.

Logan Heather also getting 2 tries and getting in there with some hart tackles earnt him the Man of the Match certificate for his effort this week.

Jaxon Magee was our team captain for the weekend, and he led the boys like a true captain getting up in amongst it all and getting 1 try for Como.

We have 4 new members to our team this year and these 4 boys were very impressive with the effort, strength and skill they brought to the game on Saturday.

Lewis Gotch is a talent that we will be keeping a close eye on with his fast side-stepping ability and quick feet Kurnell just couldn’t keep up with him scoring 2 awesome tries for Como.

Harlem Tuazon and Joey Zeidan had a great 1st game on Saturday all showing great ability and team work.

James Neyenhuys was missing this weekend due to illness but we can’t wait to see him back on the field this weekend.

It was a great day all in all and the boys all had a great finish winning the game and getting to sing the Como Club Song.