Round 1 – U10C’s v Taren Point Titans – Lost 30-26

Round 1 – U10C’s v Taren Point Titans – Lost 30-26

From the starting whistle all the boys were hungry for the ball, and were working as team.

First try of the year went to Jack A, not long after Robbie and Tyler were making great metres up the field that resulted in Tyler scoring the second try of the game.

Our defence in the first half was outstanding with Alex, Chase and Owen all working together to stop the Titans in their tracks.

We had a good start to the second half with Rory, Jack B and Alex running hard to give our team good field position. The Titans could not catch Jordan with his fancy footwork and evasive stepping. Alex scored our third try of the game.

Jack A, Merric and Angus all showed their skills in defence, this kept the Titans up their end of the field. Sam and Koda worked hard throughout the game in both defence and attack.

Brendan was unstoppable in attack, and was rewarded with a try. Jordan grabbed a late try which put us in front, but unfortunately the Titans scored with just a minute left to win the match.

This match was against last year’s grand finalists, so the boys should be very proud of themselves. What a great team effort!