Round 1 – U12C’s v Aquinas Colts – Won 30-10

Round 1 – U12C’s v Aquinas Colts – Won 30-10

An impressive display considering we had 5 new recruits, limited team training, lots of different positions, 2 extra players and more space.

Our New Players:

Max – busy, maximum effort, excellent dummy half work and solid defence.

Thomas – explosive runner, will be a “weapon” when he has more experience with the team.

Rhys – great goal, not scared to “have a go”, backed up well.

Declan/Lachlan – both from rugby union. Used their body positions to offload the ball at will. Always dangerous and read the game well in defence.


Dylan G, Jayden, Ryan – all committed to defence and took their turns to take the ball up.

Flynn – scored 2 great tries in “Flynn’s Corner” and offloaded for another. Beat tacklers multiple times.


Cooper – greatly improved. Moved forward in defence, was organised and also backed up.

Ben – organised the team brilliantly in new position. Confident enough to take on the line.

Dylan K – made some great jinking runs and threw some terrific passes to his supports.

Aidin – set up his support, dummied when he had to and was very aggressive in defence especially in the first half where he led the line forward.

Joshua – sensational tackling made some great “ball and all” tackles which set the tone for the game.

Jackson – outstanding defensive game in a new position (where he thrived). Knocked them on the spot with brilliant low tackling. Also scored a magnificent try where he beat tackler after tackler from intelligent backing-up.