The Como Crocs are inviting all members and volunteers to support the NSWRL #Respect Pledge in 2018.

The game of Rugby League has high expectations of its players, volunteers and spectators to act in a manner that displays the core values of:



I pledge to always display leadership, integrity, balance, respect and a true sense of sportsmanship 

I pledge that I will always act within the rules and encourage those around me to do the same 

I pledge to always respect the rich history, traditions and spirit of Rugby League 

I pledge to always respect the decisions made by the match officials 

I pledge to display control and to respect those around me 

I pledge to exhibit and encourage positive behaviours 

As players, volunteers or parents, we pledge to abide by Rugby Leagues National Code of Conduct

As a member or volunteer of the Como Jannali JRLFC, make your pledge today:

NSWRL #Respect Pledge

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